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Dave Espino

Want to write your how to book fast? Want to sell lots of copies? I've sold 300000 books & I can help you do both!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • use these strategies to quickly and easily write a "how to" book.
  • understand how to create a title for your book that SELLS.
  • write your "quickie" book within days (using the special "quickie book" strategies)
  • write your "standard" book within 3 weeks or LESS. (using the strategies I walk you through, step-by-step)
  • learn how to prevent writer's block and get unstuck.
  • know where to get your book cover done professionally and inexpensively.
  • use 3 different super-simple ways to quickly write a book.

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Library, Positioning, Swift, Writing

    About this course

    "Give me one hour and I will have you writing your own, HIGH QUALITY "How To" book AND it will also be a book that SELLS!"

    Have you ever wanted to write your own "How To" book, but just weren't sure how to get started?

    Do you want to help thousands of people with your book, but are nervous about the process?

    Want to earn a new, passive income with your "How To" book, but you seem to get "stuck" all along the way?

    If you want the benefits of writing your own book:

    • "Expert" status among your prospective customers, audience and peers
    • Credibility & authority positioning
    • An additional stream of passive income
    • Helping thousands of people with your message

    Then, be sure to check out the free preview lectures below, because I am going to show you a super-simple system for writing your book that is quick, easy and painless!

    Not only that, but I'm also going to show you how to write a book that SELLS.

    You see, it's one thing to write a book, but it's an entirely different thing to create a book that SELLS!

    I've written over a dozen books and have sold 300,000 copies of my books to people all over the world, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to writing books that sell!

    The feeling you get when you know you've helped hundreds of thousands of people with your message is PRICELESS!

    I want that for you.

    So, I've come up with a course that is more like a powerful "workshop" in that, throughout the course, I give you step-by-step activities and actions to take in order to bring you to your goal of having your own book written and published!

    This is a short course (less than one hour) but it is POWER PACKED with ONLY the information you need to get up and running with your own book, instantly!

    • No more struggling with "what do I do now"?
    • No more "getting stuck" with writer's block...
    • No more wondering if you're doing it right, or failing miserably.

    Believe me, with this course, (and my help inside this course) you can do this!

    Very soon, you will have your own "library" of books that you can point to - a book catalog that will have people thanking you for helping them through your books!

    You can do it, let me show you the quick and easy way to write your books.

    Enroll today and benefit from Udemy's 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee!


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