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Alfred Lee

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Book Writing, Marketing, Writing

About this course

Do you have unread marketing emails sitting in your inbox right now? I know I certainly do. So why is that? If you’re like me, you’ve cycled through one of these answers –

  • “I get so many of them, it’s hard to read through them all”
  • “I already know what they’re going to say”
  • “I don’t have the time to get to them yet”

These answers represent the barriers I will help you overcome in this class.

Getting noticed: All of us get more email in a day than we’d prefer. But, the same is true for every other aspect of our lives. In a world full of too many choices, I’ll guide you to helping your customers choose to open up your email.

Getting read: The only thing worse than being boring is being predictable. My simple tips will help you surprise your customers and make them want to read your email to the very end.

Getting a response: When a customer says they don’t have the time, what they mean is they aren’t willing to make the time for you. I’m here to help reverse that behaviour.

This class is about the mindsets which lead to writing proficiency. If you’re just starting out as a marketing writer, this class is ideal. However, even if you’ve been writing for a few years and can’t seem to break out of formulaic conventions, this class can help you find a new perspective.


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