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Matthew Barnett

A month by month coaching training that will keep you on track, help you stay positive and achieve more than ever before

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create a compelling vision of their goals - so that you can easily achieve them
  • Write goals in a way that makes them achievable - so that you can excel at work, in your business or in your personal life
  • Empower your behaviour through the use of language and affirmations - so that inspiration and motivation is always available
  • Change the recurring 'Next year 'habit and take control of the next 12 months to see yourself achieving massively
  • Communicate eailty and effortlessly - so that you can deliver a presentation on demand

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Coaching, Goal Setting, Lecturing, Motivation, Motivational, Presentation, Presentation skills, Writing

    About this course

    • How many times have you said 'This time next year >?' or 'Next year will be different' ?
    • How many times have you looked back and realised that nothing changed at the end of the year?

    The YAY! (Your Amazing Year) course is designed to be a coach on demand. To help you and guide you to an AMAZING year one month and week at a time.

    If you are into personal development then you are going to LOVE the YAY! program.

    In this course you will have access to over

    • 12 hours of Video content - in HD
    • High quality audio files
    • The written word
    • and the YAY! Journal - a full FIFTY FIVE pages of motivational writing that you co-write over the duration of the course.
    • 12 x guided affirmations
    • 1 FULL self hypnosis audio program

    This course is JAM PACKED with tips and tricks for :

    • Maximising your efficiency
    • keeping your motivation high
    • Staying on track
    • Dealing with hurdles
    • Managing your time
    • and on and on and on !

    If you had a magic wand TODAY what would you wish for to land in 12 months time?

    The course is structured in such a way that you can dip in and out as you desire and is basically set around TWELVE monthly sections with a a short weekly lecture with tips and advice within each monthly section - so you ALWAYS have a positive guide to achieving your goals to hand.


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