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Nathan Williams

Acquire new leads, convert them into customers, and maximize their lifetime value by following this 3 part strategy!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to properly configure your Google Ads Tracking Pixel so you're accurately tracking conversions and making use of Google's powerful auto-optimization features.
  • How to create Remarketing Audiences by tracking video viewers, website visitors, and uploading email lists, turning those audiences into ultra powerful Similar Audiences, and how to properly configure Custom Audiences that are “Intent” or “Affinity” driven.
  • How to launch killer campaigns, ad groups, and ads following the proven Triple Threat Strategy that'll have you converting more people into leads, more leads into customers, and more customers into repeat buyers in no time!
  • And … a lot more, like video content, remarketing, optimization, scaling, and beyond!

    Skills you will learn

    Advertising, Google+, Instagram, Strategy, Targeting, Video, YouTube

    About this course

    Facebook and Instagram's news feed ads capacity is MAXED OUT!

    That's right, there are more businesses trying to place ads in the news feed than placements available!

    This means, to get premium ad real estate, you're going to need to pay premium prices… and, who wants to do that?!

    No one.

    YouTube, on the other hand, still has a TON of space available!

    I recently launched a YouTube ad campaign that was getting 30+ second long views for only $0.01 each!

    While that same ad, targeting the same audience (it was a retargeting ad), cost $0.10 per each 3 second view on Facebook!

    10 cents on Facebook for a 3 second view vs. 1 cent on YouTube for a 30 second view!

    Hopefully this simple comparison shows you why you NEED to be advertising on YouTube too!

    Now, of course, you can't just slap a video ad on YouTube and expect it to work miracles for you…

    You still need a strategy and a game plan.

    You'll still need to bring people through the customer journey…

    Step #1, make people aware.

    Aware of the problem. Aware of the solution. Aware of you and your business.

    Step #2, help people evaluate the best option.

    Give people the info they need in order to make an informed decision.

    Step #3, see if those people are ready to buy.

    This should be easy if you've correctly performed the first two steps…

    Simply make them a great offer.

    This natural progression WILL increase conversions…

    And, it's EXACTLY what you'll learn in this course!


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