4.5 hours







Loony Corn

A first principles understanding of important scientific experiments over the last 2000 years

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand from first principles important experiments which have brought us to now
  • Utilise the scientific method - tracing from cause to effect - as practiced by great scientists through the ages
  • Apply basic principles in sciences - ranging from astronomy to botany to psychology - to everyday practical problems

    Skills you will learn

    Communication, Food

    About this course

    Are you a science junkie? Are you curious about how things work? Do you like learning about scientific discoveries which helped change the world?

    If yes, then this course is for you!

    Do you know when the circumference of the earth was first calculated? This was over 2000 years ago using just an obelisk, the shadows cast by the mid day sun and some basic trigonometry.

    Do you know that in the Age of Sail, ships that sailed with 100s of men on long voyages, often returned with just a few sailors? The rest were struck down by a mysterious and painful illness which never seemed to strike on land.

    Do you that bees which you see waggling around on their hive, dance for a specific purpose? Bees use their waggle dance as a form of communication to tell other bees where food and nesting sites are located.

    A complete, first principles discussion of some of the most important scientific experiments conducted over the last 2000 years. Understand what the experiment was, why it was important and who first demonstrated it,


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