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  • Anjali Bansal

    Social Impact, Investor, Board Member

  • Biren Mehta


  • Deepak Narayanan

    Sports, Journalism

  • Grishma Shah


  • Guruprasad Kuppu Rao

    3D Printing

  • Hadi Curtay

    Technology, SaaS

  • Irfan Pabaney

    Culinary Arts, Hospitality

  • Joel Menachery


  • Kajal Bhatia

    Plant-based Nutrition

  • Kavita Mehta

    Education, Career Counseling, Entrepreneurship

  • Maithili Raut

    Architecture, Interior Design

  • Mohit Jain


  • Mridvika Raisinghani

    Talent Management

  • Pankit Desai

    Cyber Security

  • Pritesh Patel

    Marketing, Digital Media

  • Sandeep Murthy

    Venture Capital

  • Stephanie Wassink

    Education, University Admissions

  • Tara Mahadevan


Domain Expert Testimonials

It was a smooth process to create an Introductory Learning Pathway on Psychology. The Lore team clearly outlined all the requirements they needed from me and shared the Learning Pathway for my approval before publishing it. They were prompt in replying to my suggestions too. Great team to work with!

Tara Mahadevan

Counselling Psychologist & Eating Behaviors Specialist, Body Wisdom

The Lore team researched and understood my background thoroughly before curating the Learning Pathway. I liked all the resources they shared as they related well with my Pilates journey and I even felt like taking a few of the courses.

Grishma Shah

Consultant Physiotherapist & Stott Pilates Instructor, Grishma's Rehab

The Lore team curated two Learning Pathways with unique angles; Cooking for Working Professionals and Culinary Interview Tips. These are targeted at different groups of learners and they were able to find relevant resources for each. It was very easy to work with the team and I did not have to spend much time in the review process.

Irfan Pabaney

Country Head & Chef, SodaBottleOpenerWala

The team gave me a great compilation of resources in the first iteration. It was a seamless review process and their flexibility allowed me to add additional resources to the list too. It was a pleasure working with the team and we plan to continue creating more pathways with them.

Kajal Bhatia

Certified Nutritionist & Diabetes Educator, Plant Power & KB Health

Lore took charge of this entire process and asked for my feedback when all the resources were collated. They presented their data very well and made it easy for me to review. I am excited to share this with my fitness students!

Joel Menachary

CrossFit Trainer & Basketball Player/Coach, JUSTFORKIX

The Lore team has curated a comprehensive presentation of the different aspects to the field of architecture! Looking forward to work with them for future pathways in this field

Maithili Raut

Partner - Red Architects

It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Lore. Together we’ve curated an excellent list of resources to gain insightful information on digital analytics!

Mohit Jain

Co-founder & CTO - Loyalytics Consulting

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