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Use Cases

Once you have hired the right people, make sure you get them up to speed ASAP!

Here's how LoreForTeams can help

  1. Team managers and HR leaders can create Learning Lists that include articles, videos and other relevant learning options for new hires BEFORE they even come into the office on their first day. Helping them prepare in advance ensures they are already initiated into your industry, work culture and of course their team. You could even include a simple public transport guide to help them get to the office!
  2. Once a new hire actually joins, you can share a list with proprietary material including SOPs, internal training materials, and explanatory videos to significantly reduce onboarding time.

RESULT : Faster onboarding time, reduced opportunity costs, productive employees from day one!

Congratulations, your company contains a treasure trove of knowledge! But the real question is: how do you effectively harness it to create and sustain competitive advantage?

Here's how LoreForTeams can help

  1. Say one of your top performers, with years of experience, is leaving the company next week; don't let her knowledge exit also! As part of the handover process, you can request her to create a learning list that encompasses external resources (articles, YouTube videos or courses that might prepare someone to take over) and internal resources (documents, use cases and even role plays showcasing normal client situations)
  2. Every client interaction, every sales call, every event managed is a learning opportunity! Capture those events and create a repository of learning for the future. Upload content of any size or nature onto Lore, share it with the entire team to access anywhere and anytime and watch your value proposition become deeper and impenetrable

RESULT : Safeguard your knowledge base, better knowledge dissemination, reduced training and retraining time, productive employees!

Companies are only as good as their people. You have great plans, but you need rockstar employees and you need them soon.

Here's how LoreForTeams can help

  1. Interviews and more - You get loads of new applicants every day but not everyone is necessarily qualified for the roles you have, so, how do you narrow your pool without interviewing every one? Learning Lists of course! You can curate articles, assessments, videos or podcasts and share with all candidates. Then, track their progress and once they have successfully completed each item, you can bring them in for a more meaningful, productive interview. You could also evaluate candidates through our Learning Pathways assessments feature and narrow your consideration set to only those candidates that are a good fit.

RESULT : More efficient hiring processes, pre-qualified candidates, reduced opportunity cost and better company performance

Since you believe in promoting from within and have just rewarded a hard working independent contributor by promoting her to a leadership position. Now, help her prepare for the task ahead. Remember, she has never led a team before so she needs training and soon.

Here's how LoreForTeams can help

  1. Identify the core traits your new manager needs to lead a team. Maybe team management, presentation skills, negotiations? Then, search for these skills on Lore so that you can choose learning options from different genres such as online courses to Youtube videos and books and assign them to her as part of a Learning List.
  2. If there are specific documents or use cases linked to your organization that you would like her to be familiar with (When a team member regularly misses deadlines , how should she deal with it?) you can upload those resources into the same list

RESULT : Shorter transition time. So in the weeks or days before she takes over the team, she can prepare herself to hit the ground running.

Every company sets development goals for their employees, but often there is no facilitation to achieve them . Employees are not clear what they need to do to advance to the next level or three levels above. This uncertainty and lack of clarity affects retention.

Here's how LoreForTeams can help:

  1. Using Lore's Learning List feature, you can create a learning pathway for each role or department (e.g., skills required advance from an analyst to a senior associate). Apart from specific work objectives, the employee knows that to advance, he also needs to upskill in the particular skills or attributes curated in pathway to advance. He has clarity, is happy and you have a way to track his progress.
  2. Link a particular course(s) or Learning List to the employee's KPIs. With the "set completion date" and "track progress" feature and regular reports, you will know exactly what the employee is learning and when.

RESULT: Better tracking and visibility for manager and employees, clear goals and direction for progress, easier performance management, happier employees and reduced attrition

Training and development is a key priority area for every organisation. If it isn't at yours, it should be! On average, over 40% of employees leave in their first year due to lack of quality training, whether industry specific or more general.

Here's how LoreForTeams can help:

  1. dentify root causes for problems your company is facing. (e.g., have your sales been going down? If so, what's the reason?)
    1. Intense competitive pricing pressure
    2. Lack of motivation or unclear incentives
    3. Lack of necessary skills and context
  2. If you identify a "lack of necessary skills", drill down deeper to better understand the specific gaps. For example, if negotiations is an issue, you could
    1. Assign a sales negotiations course from Udemy to all your salespeople. Once they complete the course, you can assess their understanding of the content through Lore's evaluation feature.
    2. Then, organize a training session with you, their team leader or an external sales coach and have them role play through relevant scenarios
    3. Video record this in-house session, add them to a Learning List and assign to your sales team. They will have access to the resources to review periodically.

RESULT : Better trained employees, happier employees, reduced attrition and better company performance!

They say knowledge is power! We couldn't agree more. Your business model needs someone to train all your stakeholders, be it teachers, sales trainers or just people orienting new employees to the team. But how do you make sure that the person doing the training is trained?

Here's how LoreForTeams can help:

  1. Identify your key (or head) trainers and ask them to create teams (let's call them "training teams"?). Newbie trainers can then be added to each of these teams
  2. The head trainer can now create a playlist, using Lore's "Create a list" option consisting of relevant material such as courses, books or videos pertaining to the subject at hand. They can also add simple videos of them doing the actual training or simulated role plays. Ex: Training "person A" on how to use and maintain equipment (like servicing a washing machine or entering an order into your ERP system) so that person A can then teach that to someone else
  3. This list can then be assigned to the respective teams and serve as a repository and reference for refresher trainings.

RESULT : New trainers can be onboarded faster, you save time (and money!) on the training process and scale faster!