2.5 hours








Train Your Excel Skills in Excel Itself

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Use Excel formulas in a right way.
  • Learn more about VLOOKUP and IF functions
  • Learn complex formulas like INDEX-MATCH or Array formulas
  • See different use cases for most popular 30 Excel formulas.

    Skills you will learn

    Support, Training, Video

    About this course

    You should be using Excel for business and personal purposes, aren’t you? Actually, the question should be “Do you benefit from all Excel features?”

    The major feature that Excel provides us is Excel Formulas & Functions. Do not ever forget that if you start repeating the same action in Excel, there should be an Excel formula designed to solve your specific issue. 

    We have prepared Excel Formulas Training Kits (workbook) for you to check your Excel Formulas knowledge, improve your skills with hands-on experience and to feel more comfortable with Excel. Within these training kits, you will find yourself both learning and practicing Excel Formulas at the same time.

    This video series are prepared to support this hands-on training workbook. There are 30 lessons going from beginner to advanced with several real life examples for each of them.

    This is not a classic (and boring) Excel video course which you lay back and watch. That doesn't work for Excel! In this course, you will be provided a unique workbook and start solving the Excel questions. The real value of this course comes from this workbook. Videos are prepared for you to get support and see how those questions are being sold by an Excel Expert.


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