33 mins







Rhazi Hamid

85 audio Hypnosis bundle to live 85 different amazing days

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Use the power of the subconscious mind
  • Enjoy more good and a positive days
  • Be able to relax

    Skills you will learn

    Energetic, Food, Planning, Politeness, Problem Solving, Training

    About this course

    This training is about triggering your subconscious mind to generate multiple amazing days .

    In this training you will find about 85  different audio scripts that will help you create  great days  !


    You get all these hypnosis audio scripts to generate all these days :

    A productive day , hyper productive ;a happy day ,a focused day ;a smart day ;a wise day ; a super creative day ,a problem solving day ,a sport day , an adventure day ,a business day ,a deep thinking day ,a aha moments days ,a serendipity day ,a social day , a funny day ,a relaxed day ;a romantic day ,a rich day ;a cheerful day ;a mysterious day ,an exotics day, a learning day , a seduction day ,a peaceful day ,a super healing day ,a very successful day ,a wining day, a victory day ,an artistic day ,a laughing day ,a love day , a diet day ;an innovation day ,a solution day , a breathing day , an organized day , a thrilling day , a surprise days ,a rising day , a nature day , a wonder day ,a discovery day  , an artistic day ,a breakthroughs day, an ecstasy day , a vigilance day ,a kindness day ,an energetic day ,a lucky day, a deals day , a closing sales day , a genius day ,an advanced day , a reading day , a studying day , a planning day , a healthy food day ,a exhilarating day , a meditation day, a brave day , an energy recharging day ,a fantastic day , a losing weight day , a increased positive sensation day , a gift day , a blessed day, an exponential day , a unforgettable day ,an accomplishment day , an energetic day, an euphoric day , a heavenly day, an enchanted day ,a fascinating day ,a jubilant day ,a glamorous day ,a prosperous day, a wealthy day , a luxury day , a limitless day ,a giant day, an awakening day, a fantastic day , a magical day, a great memories day , a gratitude day , a new day , a perfect day ,a singular day, an unimaginable day, a visionary day, an unreal day , an introspection day , an exalted day , a noble day , an ambitious day , an ideal day ,a stellar day ,a celestial day , a sublime day, a transcendental day, virtuous day , a pure day, a flawless day

    Try it today and enjoy the freedom of being were you want to be .

    This training will  :

    -help you be in positive state of mind 

    -guide you to have  amazing days

    Try it today , and live    amazing days !


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