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Jay Mayu

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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Android, Arts, Drawing, Illustration, Photoshop, Sketch

About this course

Do you have an iPad or an Android touch device and wondered whether you can start to draw digital art on them? Answer is YES and it can be done with the app called Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is being developed by Adobe who also make the desktop applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Procreate is the most popular digital drawing application in the App Store, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is catching up very fast. Also, it should be noted that Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a free app. You will also be given 2GB of free online storage to store the images you make in your iPad application. 

This course is designed for absolute beginners who wanna make their first baby step into the world of Digital Drawing with an iPad without having to spend money on expensive fancy devices or much more complex software.  Even seasoned artists can use this course as a crash course to learn how the Adobe Photoshop Sketch application works (especially the workflow) and some tips on how to improve the productivity. 

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