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Stan Hustad

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She said - "Stan These are three of the greatest questions to make a plan and set your goals for the new year, and particularly if you are an Entrepreneur or want to live and think like one."

This week for the first time ever as we can determine a entrepreneur with zero political experience will become the President of the United States ... and things are going to change big time.  About half of the country is delighted and the other half is not.

But no matter, what does it mean may mean that one of the many changes will be the convergence of incredibly technology and millions seeking and becoming Entrepreneurs.

Well here we go with 15 minutes  from my radio program show.  I will give you the three and maybe four questions you better have the answers for if you want to survive and possibly thrive in the new digital, the internet is everything economy.

Discover the answer to these questions for you and your business... have your colleagues answer them too!.  Then Design and Do.


18January 2017