5.5 hours







Vasiliy Zukanov

Unit test your Android applications and reap the benefits of professional test driven development in Android

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Start unit testing today
  • Practice unit testing with carefully designed exercises
  • Understand Android specific challenges with respect to unit testing
  • Write testable Android applications
  • Understand the benefits of Test Driven Development
  • Get tips for adoption of unit testing on Android projects

    Skills you will learn

    Android, Automation, Book Writing, Development, Java, Production management, Professional, Testing, Writing

    About this course

    This course will teach you all you need to know about Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in Android applications. It's designed to get you up and running with unit testing using Android Studio and JUnit in no time by working through a series of carefully crafted hands-on exercises.

    What's unit testing?

    Unit testing is a practice of writing narrowly scoped automated tests to ensure correctness of your production code. These automated tests allow you to write code that has fewer bugs and is safer to work with in the long term. If you do unit testing, you can write higher quality Android applications that are easier to maintain.

    What's test driven development?

    Test driven development (TDD) is a set of special unit testing techniques that mandate writing the tests before the production code. While TDD might look complicated on the first sight, I'll show you that it's actually the easiest way to do unit testing.

    What's the importance of unit testing in Android?

    Unit testing is widely considered one of the most important skills for senior Android developers to have. It's a great investment into medium- and long-term professional career growth.

    If bugs slip into your Android application, it can be very challenging to locate and fix them. Furthermore, even after you fix the bugs, it can take days or even weeks until all your users update the app to actually receive these fixes. That's a tough reality of professional Android developer's job. Fortunately, you can greatly reduce the number of bugs in your applications by unit testing your code!

    To make your applications unit testable, you'll need to write decoupled code that follows best design principles. This automatically guarantees easier long-term maintenance. In addition, unit testing makes developing Android applications easier and spares a lot of time when done right. 

    Why you should take this course:

    This course is designed to introduce you to professional grade Android unit testing in the shortest amount of time. I assume that you already know Java and have experience building Android apps. Therefore, this course will not waste your time on Java and Android basics. 

    You'll practice what you learn in this course with carefully designed exercises and gradually build up your unit testing skill. 

    This course is aimed at professional Android developers who have no prior experience in unit testing. However, I'm confident that even experienced Android unit testers will find much new and valuable information in it.

    So, if you're interested in learning professional grade unit testing in Android apps - this course is for you.


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