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Toshendra Sharma

[No Coding] Learn to Design & Create RESTful API Specs through Blueprints & convert them in awesome API docs in seconds

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Design their own APIs Blueprints for their product's APIs
  • Create, Share & Host API Docs effectively with less hassle
  • Create their own products from scratch using API Blueprints

    Skills you will learn

    APIs, Coding, Development, HTML

    About this course

    Hello Everyone, I am Toshendra Sharma, your instructor.

    In this (Non-coding) course you will learn how to design or write the actionable RESTful API specifications using API Blueprints. We will also learn how to convert/render them into awesome actionable 2-3 column API docs using a tool within a second & host them live on internet. 

    You can use the APIs specs to hire a freelancer developer to implement the server side code & pay them based on the specifications.

    This course has been created for the people who are:

    • Project Managers
    • Product Managers/Engineering Managers
    • API Designers
    • API Testers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Students

    For their projects/products to define the specifications of RESTful APIs & also it's documentations which can be embedded anywhere to build the full fledged product. This one hour course will quickly let you build the specifications in one small .apib doc & let you convert into .html page which can be shared with anyone or hosted anywhere.

    This API blueprint can also be used to host the API docs at Apiary directly.

    If you are excited to create awesome API documentations within an hour then join in the course and learn to build RESTful APIs quickly.


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