Enrique Galicia

Practice your Knowledge and Modeling Skills

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Test yourself on General Revit 2019 Knowledge
  • Find oportunity areas to be learn for Modeling or Family Creation
  • Add a Toolset and help yourself find oportunities.

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, Communication, Construction, Production management, Programming, Revit

    About this course

    This set of practice tests its designed to challenge your Revit Architectural, Structural and General BIM knowledge to get confortable with the modeling processes.

    Take this exams as a referal to find oportunity areas for your modeling knowledge

    BIM it's now on a second digital revolution where communication skills and programming would create a different value to construction  and infrawstructure BIM projects, the core stream would be reflected in  responses and computer analysis rather than handmade models.   

    The materials and the access to the course is for lifetime, Mark the topics you already new and review the unknown materials so the course  tracking can follow your preferences and more related courses can come  to production.   

    This exams would be redesign each  6 months to mantain accuracy and versioning processes, and would set a checkpoint for furter exams and courses.

    Go at your own pace, jump between sections for certain topics, and make as many questions as you feel .   

    Be the first to know of future courses regarding BIM, take advantages of all the opportunities that may appear and use it to improve your  work performance and get better job positions


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