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Chip Reaves

Reducing Sexual and Workplace Harassment

Expected learning & outcomes

  • List the harm caused by sexual harassment to the individual and to the company
  • Explain the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace, and that any gender can be the harasser or the harassed
  • Discuss how stereotypes play into most people’s incorrect concept of who commits sexual harassment and who experiences it
  • Identify what behaviors might be construed as sexual harassment
  • Explain the elements of an interaction between two people that might cause it to be defined as harassment
  • Identify appropriate behaviors that are not sexual harassment
  • Summarize legal guidelines related to sexual harassment
  • Define vicarious employer liability
  • Compare sexual harassment and sexual discrimination
  • Know examples of employee responsibility for reporting harassment of others
  • Explain the benefits of utilizing common sense beyond what is outlined in a policy
  • Identify other forms of harassment
  • Explain the impact all harassment has on the work environment
  • Discuss the legal ramifications to companies with harassment issues
  • Address unwelcome behavior and create a positive, supportive workplace (LO)
  • Explain the benefits of creating a positive work environment that goes beyond anti-harassment
  • Identify appropriate methods for stopping unwelcome behavior and addressing conflict
  • List the harm caused by sexual harassment to the individual and to the company

    Skills you will learn

    Legal, Organization, Professional, Reporting, Research, Training

    About this course


    Sexual and Workplace Harassment training is a pervasive problem in the business world.  Employers are forced to offer - and employees are forced to sit through – training sessions that are important and necessary and yet also mind-numbingly boring.

    This course is different! Built by a team of millennials, using the latest research on engaging course design as well as professional videography and content, Awkward at the Office uses a combination of story vignettes, motion graphics, and Bigger Brains’ award-winning Teacher/Learner style to effectively convey this important topic.

    In 18 vignettes across 6 video modules, students will follow the stories of Adeela, Jason, Lisa, and Michael as they deal with both the major and minor effects of workplace harassment, and demonstrate real world responses to situations ranging from inappropriate comments to gender and racial differences to full quid pro quo sexual harassment.   We’ll see how workplace harassment affects not just the people involved, but the productivity of the company as a whole.

    Workplace harassment might be sexual, or based on cultural or other differences, but the effects are the same: it destroys trust, creates tension, saps productivity, and can lead to legal action as well.  In between vignettes our experts Jacki Flynn and Jeremy Pickens will teach how to identify, resolve, and report workplace harassment.


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