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Umut Varol

The elite fitness program that can be done at home with body weight based on fat burning and muscle development.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • You will notice a significant loss of fat in your body and your muscles will be shaped.
  • You will lose weight.
  • You will learn the exercises with body weight.
  • You will recognize the training systems.
  • Your abdominal muscles will become clear.
  • you'll have the beach body

    Skills you will learn

    Composition, Development, Fitness, Training

    About this course

    There is no theoretical information in this course. Do the exercises and get results.

    What is the Beach Body Series?

    BBS is an elite fitness program which consists of toolless exercises that can be done with bodyweight, which can be applied easily at home, park or anywhere, with 25-35 minutes daily interval training which aims high fat burning and balanced development of all muscles of the body.

    It includes a 21-day training plan. Every day with a different workout, your body is constantly shocking. In this way, your muscles become faster and your fats burn faster. When 21 days are over, you start again. It is a form of training that is created with time and not with numbers again, so you will fight against yourself and you will do a more intense training when you return to every 1st day.

    İçerisinde bulunan antrenmanlar bir sistematiğe göre vücudunuzun tamamını çalıştırır. Karın bölgenizin şekillenmesi için özel şekilde düzenlenmiş antrenmanlar bulunmaktadır.

    Strength, durability, flexibility and body composition develop through the approach of training and systematic loading.

    Beach Body Series What Is Not?

    BBS is not a bodybuilding training.

    This program can be done at home, do not have jogging or walking.

    No tools are needed in this program, all you need is your body.

    What will happen when you apply the Beach Body Series?

    Thanks to BBS 'training, long-term contraction relaxation cycles in the muscles, glycogen reserves stored in the muscles are rapidly consumed, and the body is forced to use subcutaneous fats as a sole source for fuel. This is due to the positive effect on testosterone and growth hormone, the more fat is burned, the muscles develop in a balanced manner.

    You can use this series to burn fat or loose weight. Your body quickly takes shape and you get the view of the beach body, which is very popular today.


    The interval training approaches in the content and the fight against time, not against the number, will increase the overall strength of your body. In short, your ability to work longer will increase.


    These exercises increase strength. With the help of strength training, the secretion of hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone hormone increases, so fat burning and muscle development are positive. The rise in the level of these hormones allows us to be psychologically more robust and to take a more decisive attitude visually.

    Heart and Blood Circulation.

    With the cardio effect of the exercises, our circulatory system is strengthened. You will be able to make running and walking easier. When we wake up in the morning, we can see that the heart rate is lower.


    Flexibility and mobility are increased by the chosen exercises and the flexibility work planned as training. This allows us to perform faster muscle development and exercise at a larger ROM margin. Our daily movements become easier and our pain is reduced.

    Umut Varol

    Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

    Tactical Athlete Fitness Trainer


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