1 hour







Amanda Jones

Paul Lennon

Understand your ukulele better!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Have a greater understanding about basic music theory on the ukulele.
  • Be able to find specific notes on the ukulele.
  • Be able to find specific chords on the ukulele.

    Skills you will learn

    C# programming, C++ programming, Music

    About this course

    This course has been designed specifically to introduce music theory to ukulele players and help you to understand your instrument better.  Although this course is a theory course, you are encouraged to follow along on your ukulele.

    There is no need to be able to read music or even to have picked up a ukulele before.   All you need is a ukulele, access to a tuner and a desire to learn. 

    This course will start right at the beginning - showing you:  the different parts of the ukulele, how to tune it, and understand the resources that are available for download at various places in the course. 

    The 'basics' section looks at:  how the different sounds are made on your ukulele, what tones and semitones are, and what the different notes are called.

    The 'scales' section looks at:  how scales are constructed (and will show you how to find the C-Major, G-Major and F-Major scales).  

    And the finally the 'chords' section looks at:  how to make C-Chord, G-Chord and F-Chord, how to make other chords by moving the chord shape, and how these chords can be modified to create minor and seventh chords.

    Resources at each stage will include easy-to-read diagrams, tablature (TAB), charts and mp3 playalongs for your own practice. 


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