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Craig Pennell

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Adaptable, Blogging, Development, WordPress

About this course

About This Course

This is a beginners course for anyone wanting to explore websites and blogging for a hobby, self-development or even as a way of generating income.

We will look at the full version of WordPress, not the blogging service.

The full version of WordPress is a hugely flexible website and blogging platform that can take you wherever you want to go, just let the ideas flow!


WordPress is a system that needs to be "hosted" with a service provider, and there are plenty of paid-for services out there, but many people are put off learning something new when they have to be paying out each month.

With this course, we will look at different FREE hosting services, and how to set up WordPress and start using it with the thousands of free themes available.

If you are thinking about learning to build websites or set up a blog, this is the place to start.

This course forms a foundation for some of my other WordPress courses.


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