2.5 hours






Warning:To take this course, you must first take the Brazilian Portuguese Beginner course - Module 1

Expected learning & outcomes

This course is the continuation of the Brazilian Portuguese Course. It is imperative that you have completed Course 1 before proceeding, because the Portuguese Today lessons follow a specific sequence.

Skills you will learn

Active Listening, Grammar, Listening, Portuguese Language, Translation, Video

About this course

Warning: To take this course, you must first take the Brazilian Portuguese Beginner course - Module 1

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to learn Portuguese quickly, easily, and without all the complicated grammar rules?

And without having to translate everything you learn? Learn speaking Portuguese?

So stop imagining and start learning! In the course "Brazilian Portuguese - Beginners, Module 1"

you learn exactly in this way, through the Direct Method, the method by which living languages are taught. The way you learned your native language! Learning without translation: through examples, images, listening and speaking. It is the ideal method for anyone who needs to learn a language quickly and effectively.

We teach Brazilian Portuguese through short, colorful and fun videos. Some tell small stories with a beginning and an end. Each lesson uses only vocabulary you've learned in earlier lessons, and adds to it. (For that reason, it is important to follow the exact order of the videos.)

Buy the first module now and see how easy it is to learn Portuguese with us!


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