4.5 hours



Any Level




Fadi G. Char

learn how info. systems was involved in business, how to make business easier and more efficient using technology.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Develop business projects
  • Improve project management
  • Improve business by connecting it to technology
  • Breaking the circle and think wider
  • Solving business problems
  • How to manage IT and business together

    Skills you will learn

    Business Development, Collaboration, Concentration, Customer Relationship Management, Decision Making, Development, Feedback, Organization, Planning, Project Management

    About this course

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    - Beginners to intermediate course -

    - No skills required -

    What is management information systems ? ( MIS )

    Provides information that organizations require to manage themselves efficiently and effectively, management information systems are typically computer systems used for managing.

    You will be able to learn how merge information technology and business together in order to obtain best performance for your future job ! or your own business.

    How information systems and business should be combined together ? what are the tools ? and are you able to use all information systems without knowledge about how does it works ?

    250+ minutes will guide you how to prevent information systems mistakes and how can you improve the methods you are using in order to receive better quality systems.

    250+ minutes will give you the knowledge about organization's strategies in using information technologies.

    250+ minutes will deliver you the knowledge about you dealing with customers and satisfying them, using new types of systems such as CRM.

    MIS will describe how managers improve the enterprise of the organization, and how can you improve your decision making, resources planning and people management.

    MIS will show you how organization's level of management works and how managers and staff deal with each other.

    MIS will expand your horizons about developing your job, issues about managing your job and how to bring resources no matter if it was internal or external.

    The course focus on types of systems that you want to use in improving your business/job , besides collaboration and how to team work! in addition, how would your business compete other businesses using information systems and how can you secure the information technologies involved in this business.

    Management information systems provide various types of customer's data and feedback that any company need to align their business processes.

    Information systems is considered to be an important asset for any company in the modern competitive world.

    You don't have to study about computers in order to study the management information systems, there is a bit different between information technologies and information systems, you are learning something more close to business field , such as organization's relationships and mutual technologies.

    Information systems used by business in order to collect, process and store data that any company needs if it's seeking for development and higher business quality standards and higher management quality.

    So if you are into technology or business field , i suggest that you need to take this course to improve your business experience, MIS is really different world where all countries are focusing now on, its a new field/department that being distributed in all companies and universities.


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