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Understanding Depression

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The student will be able to define depression, and understand the cause of depression and types of treatment.
  • The student will be able to understand clearly the different diagnosis related to depression.
  • The Students will learn the necessary coping skills and self-care tips to deal with depression or those who are care givers.
  • The Student will build an understanding on the difference between adult and children depression.

    Skills you will learn

    Concentration, Professional

    About this course

     This course will be helpful for individuals who would like to better understand depression. This will be helpful for caregivers as well. 

    Course Outline:

    Session one is an introduction to the course.

    Session two will focus on defining depression and types of treatment.  Not everyone is clear about depression, and causes. Individuals sometime find ways to blame just one thing that cause depression, but in this course we will focus on clarifying the latter. There is so many treatment options, so each treatment options it all depends on the individual and your personal doctor. 

    Session three will focus on clearly defining the different diagnosis related to depression.  Some individuals diagnosed with depression might not understand their diagnosis. Usually, when you obtain an evaluation some doctors might not have time to explain what a diagnosis mean for each individuals. This session will help individuals understand what certain professional might not have time to explain.

    NOTE: One of the types of depression is Atypical depression. This type of depression is a sub type under Persistent depression disorder, therefore, I will not go over it in the power point. I have attached a resource related to the latter.

    Session four will focus on coping skills and self-care tips for individuals experiencing depression.  This course will also be helpful towards caregivers.

     Session five will focus on the difference between adult and children dealing with depression.

    Disclaimer: This does not replace seeing a professional and the suggested information is all recommendation. This does not replace an emergency room as well.


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