40 mins






Save time and Money using 2 simple programs

Expected learning & outcomes

  • They will be able to identify the foods that are detrimental to their health and find substitutes
  • They will have a way to easily put together a weeks worth of food

    Skills you'll master / acquire / learn

    Culinary, Food, Pinterest, Planning, Recipes

    About this course

    Meal planning can be a pain! 

    Many resort to costly meal subscriptions or just eating out. Both of these options are not ideal.

    -Cooking for yourself is the ultimate goal-

    In this course you will learn

    1. The basics of a good diet

    2. How to clean up your diet

    3. How to create a lifetime recipe collection

    4. How to use Excel and Pinterest to create your weekly Meal Plan

    5. How to cook all your meal as efficiently as possible

    Not sure which skills to learn for your advancement?