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John Bura

Mammoth Interactive

High quality design can make or break your app. Build a beautiful app in Sketch today to learn clean prototyping.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Build a beach-themed surf app from start to finish
  • Animate with Anima and Principle
  • Wireframe mobile applications
  • Build any mobile page you want from practice at log-in pages, main pages, settings pages, and user list pages
  • Create icons for apps or other projects
  • Promote your app with a web landing page
  • Make vector graphics from your drawings or sketches
  • Work faster than ever before with a clean interface and cutting edge techniques
  • Make your own libraries
  • Create dynamic user interface elements
  • Export and prototype applications
  • Install Sketch and start projects
  • Use pencils, shapes, artboard, text, color and symbols
  • Find any copyright free image and font you need
  • Create eye enticing color palettes
  • Use Sketch shortcuts and build your own Sketch shortcuts
  • Use plugins like Paddy to enhance Sketch's features and ability
  • Use the layout grid, Sketch Cloud, and Sketch Mirror
  • Build your next app simpler with Mammoth Interactive source files as a template

    Skills you will learn

    Adobe Illustrator, Animation, Arts, Development, Drawing, Illustration, iOS, Logos, Mobile Applications, Music, prototyping, Research, Sketch, User Interface

    About this course

    Build apps, icons, user interfaces, landing page, animations with Principle & MORE from A to Z​ in a comprehensive guide

    Anyone Can Design A Mobile App with Sketch

    Sketch is the easiest yet most powerful design software you can get your hands on. Build projects and learn amazing techniques in this one stop shop course with Carlo Namoca, a graphic designer with years of experience.

    Build a Massive Project

    We will have a massive project where we build the user interface for a beach-themed surf app from start to finish. You will learn how to wireframe apps and make your own libraries. You will create dynamic user interface elements. You will make numerous pages for an application, including the landing page, log-in page, main page, settings page, and user list page. You will build an app icon. We even cover exporting and prototyping.

    Promoting your app is a crucial part if you want to make money as an app developer. We'll show you how to build a beautiful landing page to display your app.

    Develop The Fastest Workflow

    Sketch is a vector drawing application that is useful for designing user interfaces or app logos. We use version 49.3 in this course. In this course you will learn application basics and key techniques to make your process easier than ever before.

    Sketch is powered by a great community with numerous plug-ins, which we will cover. These plug-ins make Sketch powerful for developing your own workflow, efficient, and easy to use.

    Sketch removes a lot of the clutter from its interface. You will learn how to install Sketch and start a basic project, as well as a run down of all the parts to the interface and the tools and capabilities of the program.

    Learn Hands On In This All Encompassing Course

    You will do exercises with pencils, shapes, artboard, text, color, symbols, and more. You will build a calculator app. Have you ever wanted to make a vector graphic from your drawing, for a logo or similar project? We cover that, too.

    You'll learn where to find copyright free images and fonts, as well as how to create your own color palettes. You will learn all the essentials to design that will make you a quality app designer.

    Understand Advanced Insider Topics

    You will also learn advanced topics like using and building your own Sketch shortcuts, the layout grid, Sketch Cloud, and Sketch Mirror. You will also learn how to make animations with Anima and Principle. As well, you will learn how to access the powerful tools of plugins like Paddy.

    Build More To Sell On The App Store

    You will be able to download all source files from the app we build, which you will be free to build upon to make your own projects. You will get valuable content, resources, and skills to carve out a path as an app designer. You will know where to go to research any problem you might have.

    The Best Mobile Application User Interface Software

    Enroll in this course now to start designing your first app. Your designs will never look the same again. They will be better than ever before, and you will be a faster designer who knows all the fundamentals and core design concepts.

    As a self taught graphic designer, your instructor Carlo has expertise in other software including Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Design. Carlo also works as an iOS developer. In his spare time, Carlo finds inspiration through music and art.

    Enroll Now To Change Your Life


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