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Ankit Shrivastava

Learn everything about CSS3 and Object Oriented Javascript. Best course available on Objective Javascript and CSS3

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Will get to learn all both Javascript and CSS3 at one place
  • Can easily make attractive projects related to CSS3 and Javascript
  • Learn trendy and clean web designs
  • Will get to know the complete scenario of web designing process
  • Will help you build firm grounds in web developing and designing

    Skills you will learn

    JavaScript, Organization, Professional

    About this course


    UPDATE: Introducing ODIN WEEKLY for this ultimate course on CSS 3 and Javascript.

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    ODIN WEEKLY is the initiative taken by ODIN ACADEMY LLP.

    What will you get under this program?

    1. This course will get fresh new content every week for at least 2 years. We will continuously add new content in this course every Monday of the week. This way the course won't get old or outdated and every change in technology will be updated here.

    2. We will update all existing students through Educational Announcements about the addition of new content with their titles mentioned.

    3. If you're not free every week, you can come back to course every month and learn new concepts without paying extra.

    4. You can ask through discussion board for the topics to be covered in upcoming week (suggestions are always welcome).

    5. All current and new students enrolled in this course are eligible to access ODIN WEEKLY.

    6. You don't have to pay extra, once you're inside you'll get unlimited content for rest of the life.

    TIP: Look at the curriculum below to know about the topics added recently.


    Learn - world class web developing and designing through our integrated course on CSS3 and Javascript. This course on CSS3 and Javascript covers all the concepts explained in the best way possible with trendy examples and to know facts and information. This course best deals with areas of misconception about CSS3 and javascript. 

    Some of the concepts covered through this course are as follows

    1. Introduction to CSS3 and Javascript

    2.  What is inline stylings?

    3. What is internal stylings?

    4. What is external stylings?

    5. Colour Codes

    6. Working on text properties

    7. Objects in Javascript

    8. Date object in JavaScript

    9. String object in JavaScript

    10. Array Object in JavaScript

    11. Math Object in JavaScript

    12. Window Object in JavaScript

    13. Location Object in JavaScript

    14. Navigator Object in JavaScript

    15. Timing Object in JavaScript

    16. Screen Object in JavaScript

    17. Event Object in JavaScript

    18. Event Handling in JavaScript

    This course will help you develop creative and productive mindset towards web developing and web designing. This course on CSS3 and Javascript will you attain a decent career in web designing field. This course will not only help you at your personal level but also at your professional level. This course on CSS3 and Javascript promises to give best results.

    This course is structured that its methodology suffices both the beginners and the intermediates. This course on CSS3 and Javascript acts as a pill to all doubts and misguiding or difficult concepts of CSS3 and Javascript.

    COME INSIDE to see boost in web designing using CSS3 and Javascript


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