1 hour



Any Level




Sonya Lan


Expected learning & outcomes

Clarity on purpose, converting video sales funnel and business

Skills you will learn

Budgeting, Coaching, Confidence, Editing, Email Marketing, Marketing, Strategy, Video

About this course

The last thing we need is another online course that you do not finish and end up more frustrated and confused on what to do when you first started the course. 

So my promise to you because I truly care about seeing you walk into Your Destiny and fully living it out. I have included private group coaching and free one-on-one strategy/clarity sessions with me for the first 90 Days that you are going through the online program! 

In, Design Your Destiny, Live Your Vision™️Academy online video course, I’m going to teach you...

❌How to get your gifts and talents out in this world!

❌Make an impact in so many people's lives!

❌Get clarity with your purpose and calling on your life!

❌Clarity with your message and story!

If you've ever struggled with...

➡️going in circles, not focusing and not having clarity and clear direction. 

➡️Your confidence.

➡️Not making enough money to impact the masses.

➡️Not living out your dreams.

I'm going to show you How To:

❌Gain confidence in yourself and in the direction you are called to!

❌Shine and be seen as a visionary leader! 

❌Save time and money with my step by step strategies and framework to launch into your business/ministry. 

❌Create an income stream and bring in more money to bring about change in your life and others. A bigger impact. 

➡️ My mission in life is to equip and empower women to live out their God given Destiny and make an impact in this world. 

You can do this, when you have a framework and clarity that guides you through finding your passion and purpose. finding out who you are at your core. being able to turn that purpose into a impactful business or ministry to bring about change in so many people's lives.

So let me tell you about Design Your Destiny, Unleash your Vision Academy and what it includes and what it can do for you. It's a Life and Business Academy. 

Module 1 you're going to learn: 

How to Identify Your:
✔️Core Identity 
✔️Vision and a Plan for your life.

Module 2 I'm going to show you:

How To Turn your passion into a business/ministry by:

✔️Creating your Message and Story 
✔️Finding your ideal people group you want to reach with your message 

Module 3 You're going to learn all about:

✔️Video and Tech tools to launch on a budget 
✔️Video set up & Editing 

Module 4 You're going to learn How To: 

✔️Market & Launch Your business/ministry 
✔️How to write a Sales Page Script
✔️Email Marketing 
✔️Lead capture pages (aka opt-in's) 

This is perfect for you if you know you are a passion driven visionary and ready to push past your fears and do the work that has been holding you back. 

This is not for you if you are not ready to do the work, complain, blame and make excuses.


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