9.5 hours







Ali Raza Sardar Ali

Learn software development using windows forms.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Students will be able to create desktop applications (Software).
  • Students will be able to design desktop applications
  • Student will be able to freelance for small businesses

    About this course

    This course is intended for students who are passionate in doing programming and curious for developing their own product and contribute in the software industry. This course help you to build cutting edge knowledge of how traditional software works and what is the science behind it.

    After completing this course you learn :

    1. How to create a customized application based on user requirement

    2. How controls are used

    3. What is event handling

    4. How to manage data using a database

    5. Different behaviors of controls

    6. LINQ based database operations

    7. Navigation's

    8. Master/MDI windows

    9. How to create executable file for your software (Application Deployment).

    10. What is M.A.R.S?

    11. Intranet based application

    12. Reporting

    All the above mentioned things will be demonstrated in detail along with examples.