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Muhammad Nabeel

Create Stunning & Attractive Design: Design Process, Techniques, Principles, Creative Ideas, Color, Typography & More!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Familiar with basics and crucial things for graphic design for getting started instantly
  • Create a stunning and attractive graphic design
  • Generate tons of creative ideas for creating great graphic design
  • Apply Design principles in your projects
  • Use visual elements, color mixing, and typography
  • Read the client’s mind & able to satisfy them
  • Understand the design process, characteristic of good design, various forms of graphic design, & Much More!
  • Design theory will able you to think in the right direction

    Skills you will learn

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Confidence, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Professional, Typography

    About this course

    Just learning Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or any other Graphic Software is not enough. Learning tools never make you a professional graphic designer. Designing techniques able you to create an awesome design. And for learning designing techniques, you need to study a complete graphic design theory.

    That’s why I am here to help you. Because most of the institutes and teachers teach you just tools. They don’t teach you design techniques. And I will teach you design techniques.

    A Complete Step by Step Solution to Be a Professional Graphic Designer and Creating Stunning Graphic Design

    • Design Theory

    • Visual Elements

    • Design Principles

    • Color Mixing and Harmony

    • Typography

    • Design Process

    • Get Creative Ideas for great graphic design

    • & Much More!

    • Updated and added more content Frequently (on basics of your questions & needs)

    If you are a beginner and have no idea about graphic design. Then, to know all basic of graphic design is a good start for you to go further with confidence. This course will make your base strong.

    If you are intermediate trying to create some graphic design, but your designs are ugly or you are not getting ideas for creating good design, then this course will able you to create very attractive and stunning graphic designs.

    Course Content & Overview

    This course contains 49 lectures with complete information.

    In the first three sections, you will learn about basic but crucial things about graphic design like what exactly graphic design is; purpose & various forms of graphic design; characteristics of good design, etc.

    Next couple of Sections are all about visual elements and design principles. Also, we’ll talk about color mixing and typography.

    Finally, we’ll know all about the design process, creative ideas and much more.


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