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Micheal Wellington

Teaching the technical and strategic aspects to develop sprinters

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand skills and strategies to develop better sprinters
  • Be able to explain sprint terminology
  • Demonstrate skills and strategies to develop better sprinters

    Skills you will learn

    Coaching, Teaching, Willing to Learn

    About this course


    Developing Speed for All Ages is a course to help teach the fundamentals, drills, and techniques that all sprinters should have in order to run at maximum speeds.  The course was designed for youth and high school coaches, athletes, and parents that want to increase their knowledge on developing better sprinters. In this course you will acquire an understanding of what needs to be accomplished for all of your athletes to develop speed.  This course will dive into several aspect of sprinting, which you will need to be able to understand before your athletes will run faster.  Below are the covers portions of the course:

    1. Components of Sprinting
    2. The Importance of R.O.M (Range of Motion in Arms and Legs) 
    3. The Importance of a Dorsi-Flexed toe 
    4. Sprint Drills (4), Introduction to Acceleration 
    5. Accelerations Drills 
    6. Introduction to Maximum Velocity
    7. Maximum Velocity Drills (8).   

    Do you already coach track and field or any sport that requires speed?

    Do you volunteer for your local youth team, but have very minimal knowledge of the sport?

    Are you a coach who wants to gain more knowledge of the sport?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, developing speed for all ages is the course for you.  Enroll today!


    If you are interested in being a better coach for the kids you have that will be your biggest requirement.  Eventually you will need to purchase banana hurdles or some type of cone (Large or small) during or after the course. These items will assist in teaching Maximum Velocity, which will be explained in Lecture 7 and 8.


    By the end of Developing Speed for All Ages you will:

    • Gain knoweldge to teach your athletes the skills and mechanics to run faster
    • You will learn sprint terminology, drills, and skills to increase speed in your athletes
    • The information obtained here will propel you as a coach to continue learning your craft



    Coaches, Athletes, Parents, or ANYONE at the youth or high school level that wants to learn the aspects of sprinting, know more about the aspect of sprinting. The is no prior background knowledge needed, just a willingness to learn.


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