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Ricky Shetty

Scott Alex

Scott Paton

How You Can Explore the World in Luxury or On a Shoestring as a Digital Nomad

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand how to travel the world either in luxury or on a shoestring
  • Know what to expect as they prepare to travel or are travelling

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Everyone's dream is to travel the world.

    Unfortunately, there are always reasons why they don't. Not enough money. No time. Other obligations. Terrorist attacks. Bad weather. No one to go with. It's not safe. Our kids are too young. 

    Today. Not next year (which never comes).

    No matter the size of your bank account, or the age of your children, whether you are a single traveler, like Scott Paton, or are happily married with three children, like Ricky Shetty, this course will show you how you can create your own adventures anywhere in the world you want to go.

    Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton will show you how you can travel the world. Ricky went from Vancouver, Canada, to South-East Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa before exploring South America and Central America. Scott left Vancouver and went the opposite direction, to Morocco, Sicily, Greece and Turkey, before exploring more of Europe.

    Ricky took his family, including three very young children. Scott traveled alone.

    Together, they share:

    • How to get your accommodation sponsored
    • How to get your accommodation free
    • How to get your transportation sponsored
    • How to get your sightseeing sponsored
    • Why a Travel blog is crucial
    • How to turn your blog into a profit centre
    • The proper mindset for traveling
    • And much more!

    Ricky and Scott met in 2014 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where they both live. This course was created while Scott was in Turkey and Ricky was in Brazil.

    Life is too short and the world too amazing to sit at home. Now is the best time to visit beautiful, exotic places.

    Enjoy us on the adventure of a lifetime!

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