2 hours







Mohiudin Malik

A pre-packaged, step by step guide to understanding and building your very own drone.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Build and Fly your very first Quadcopter from scratch
  • Understand the main concepts involved in radio controlled model flying
  • Understand the theory behind how Quadcopters work
  • Understand the individual components of Quadcopters and what they do

    About this course

    A step by step video guide to understanding and building your very own drone. The course will take someone who has little to no prior experience with Radio Controlled Model Flying to someone that fully understands the basic concepts that are involved by building a Quadcopter from scratch which is ready to fly.

    The Quadcopter build used in this course is classified as a Racer-Quad and the materials needed will be around 200 British Pounds, this is including the Quadcopter as well as the radio system. The concepts can be applied to any class of Quadcopters, even other multi-copters such as Hexacopters.

    How long the course takes is entirely up to the student, it can be finished in a day or a week, depending on how much time is allocated to it.

    Course is structured in a way that it fully explains the theory and demonstrates the build in a very easy to understand manner.

    You should take this course if you want to fast track your understanding instead of tirelessly reading countless forums to get a basic understanding of the hobby.


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