1.5 hours







Jerry Bailey

Beginner - Prefixes and Suffixes

Expected learning & outcomes

  • The system behind English vocabulary
  • The most frequently used prefixes and suffixes in English
  • Important spelling changes caused by suffixes

    Skills you will learn

    English Language, Teaching

    About this course

    The English language contains over 1 million words! Wouldn't it be great if there was some secret formula, a system, that would help you learn vocabulary without memorizing words? There is! All English words have a ROOT, and many have one or more PREFIXES and one or more SUFFIXES.

    In this course you'll learn some of the most frequently used prefixes and suffixes by attaching them to simple words that you already know. That will make it easy to understand how the meaning, spelling, or part of speech is changed when you add that prefix or suffix. Each unit focuses on one topic and has two teaching videos - a simple one and an optional one with more complex academic information about the particular prefix, suffix, or spelling change. You then get to do five activities on that topic. These are in PDFs that can be done online (if your browser allows it) or printed and done by hand.

    When you've completed the course you'll have a thorough understanding of how these prefixes and suffixes work with all words, from simple to advanced vocabulary!


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