3.5 hours







Simon Lambourne

When you know the basics of Excel, but want to understand and produce more than you ever thought!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create Advanced Formulas such as VLookup/HLookup
  • Apply Conditional Formatting to change cell colour based on High/Low Value
  • Use IF Statements to perform tests based on a condition
  • Manipulate Large Worksheets to make viewing large amounts of data easier
  • Link data between different spreadsheets
  • Use Date and Text formulas and functions for formatting and calculating dates and text
  • Use Paste Special to adjust how and what you paste. Including how to compare 2 sets of data together

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    This course is ideal for those who already use Excel at Introduction level and want to build on the knowledge you know. You will be introduced to a whole range of useful tools, shortcuts and functions. From managing large amounts of data to advanced functions such as VLookup, HLookup and IF Statements. Whatever you use Excel for in your work life, this course will give you the essential skills to take your Excel knowledge to the level expected in the working environment. 


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