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David Ringstrom (Illumeo)

Illumeo Learning

This course offers even more tips and tricks to improving Excel efficiency.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Discover how to overcome annoying user-interface aspects of Excel 2013.
  • Utilize Excel's Text Box feature instead of merging cells to store paragraphs of text.
  • Tally numbers faster and more efficently with Excel's SUBTOTAL function.

    Skills you will learn

    Animation, User Interface

    About this course

    In this follow up to Excel Efficiency: Tips & Tricks I Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA shares more of his favorite Excel tricks. This course is designed to help you use Excel more effectively. In this session David teaches primarily from Excel 2010, but covers differences in Excel 2003, 2007, and 2013 where applicable.

    Topics Covered:

    • Discover techniques that automatically provide fall-back positions in the event that you need to see an earlier version of your spreadsheet.

    • Discover how to quickly access folders and workbooks, whether on your computer or on a network.     

    • Discover how to disable worksheet animation in Excel 2013.

    • Learn the risks--and rewards--of double-clicking on the fill handle in Excel.

    • See steps to take if you can't open a damaged workbook.

    • Embed frequently used lists, such as employees, departments, or key customers into Excel's interface for use with any spreadsheet.


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