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LR Thomas

Forex Trading Course for the Beginning Trader

Expected learning & outcomes

They will understand my philosophy of trading and will know what is important when considering what to learn next.

Skills you'll master / acquire / learn

Professional, Teaching, Trading

About this course

This mini-course is for the beginner trader who is feeling lost and overwhelmed with all the knowledge that is available and needs some guidance as to what are the most important factors in trading.

Unlike a lot of beginner courses, I show you what are the few most important things to bear in mind that I wish I had known when just starting out as it would have sliced years off my learning curve.

When you understand what is important in trading you will only spend your time on systems that provide you with what you need and you will know the right questions to ask when you consider buying a trading system.

it is easy to be mystified and impressed with complicated looking systems, but this is not what professional traders use.  They keep it simple and adopt these same principles that I will be teaching you in this course.

Not sure which skills to learn for your advancement?