1.5 hours








Master Fortnite from gameplay mechanics to overall game sense, building, and late-game strategies.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Win more games
  • Increase your K/D ratio
  • Outbuild your opponents
  • Hit your shots
  • Make better in-game decisions

    Skills you will learn

    Positioning, Strategy

    About this course

    Welcome to the Ultimate Console Fortnite Course to help you learn how to build and aim like a pro gamer.

    My name is DWrecked and I have over 1,200 wins, rank in the top few 3,000 players for total kills and have had seasonal bests of an 8 K/D and 34% win rate.  This course will teach you pro strategies to win more build battles, improve your aim, and win more games. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to take high ground faster than other players with 90s, use pro moves like the TFue classic and Ghost Aydan’s aim assist to dominate your opponents, counter enemy moves in build battles before they think of them, play with high ground or low ground, and aim more consistently than ever before. This course is designed to teach you the core mechanics of the game, then learn advanced moves to dominate. You’ll learn how to find your best sensitivity, the best aiming and shotgun tips, how to peek shot and anticipate enemy movements when sniping and the best strategies for ramping at an enemy. You’ll learn how to retake high ground, counter enemy builds, kill players that keep spraying down your walls, and edit quicker.

    After taking this course, you’ll be able to outbuild your opponents, kills enemies more quickly, take less damage, and win more games.

    This course is designed to be active and engaging so you’ll not only learn the best tips from my instructions but you’ll also be able to practice and use them in game. We’ll be covering how you can find your personal, best sensitivity, the best aiming and shotgun tips, how to have more consistent aim, sniping tips and strategy, the best ways to ramp rush an enemy, how to retake high ground and counter enemy moves, win gunfights from low ground, use and counter cone pieces and pro ways to edit quicker.

    I put this course together to take you from your current skill level all the way up to an advanced player. You’ll learn how to improve the three biggest parts of becoming an elite player by improving your building, aiming, and positioning.

    There aren’t any advanced strategies that you need to know to understand this course. You really only need to know basic concepts like how to shoot your gun or build a simple ramp and wall.

    After taking this course you’ll know:

    1. How to find the perfect controller bindings and sensitivity that works best for you, individually,

    2. How to aim and use aim assist better

    3. The best tips for pushing an enemy, taking high ground, and retaking high ground quickly

    4. Advanced strategies for shooting while staying safe

    5. What to do in the middle of a build fight

    6. How to position yourself better than your enemy

    7. How to counter your enemies builds

    8. And how to edit quickly for some insane kills.


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