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Johnson Kee

The complete guide covering all aspects of setting up and optimizing your online store for Google Shopping in 2015.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • gain an appreciation of the benefits of Google Shopping as an extra channel to promote your products,
  • set up your product feed to have your products appear in Google Shopping and partner sites
  • connect Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords to run shopping campaigns,
  • run profitable Shopping Campaigns that turn $1 invested into $2 or more,
  • monitor and optimize sales based on historical data with strategies like ECPC.

    Skills you will learn

    E-commerce, Google AdWords, Google+, Integration, Profitability, Strategy

    About this course

    Learn how to set up your Google Shopping feed and start selling your physical goods through Google Shopping and its affiliated partners.

    Walk through our easy-to-follow guide that outlines how to set up your online store for Google Shopping integration, how to maximize sales through this channel and outbid your competitors.

    The sections will cover:

    • What is Google Shopping?
    • How to set up an Google Merchant Center account
    • How to promote your products using Product Listing Ads
    • How to set up Google Shopping campaigns
    • Optimizing using built in competitive metrics
    An All-In-One Guide To Guide You To Google Shopping Success

    Google Shopping utilizes the exciting upward growth trend of e-commerce, partnered with the most powerful search engine in the world to give you the opportunity to get more customers, boost your sales and dominate your market. This guide will help you sidestep the landmines that can frustrate and slow you down. You'll understand how to set up your product listing feed, make changes to it and have your products appearing in more places at the same time.

    Content and Overview

    E-commerce is accelerating. With the advent of mobile technology, more and more people are buying products online. Finding ways to meet these potential customers where they're looking is paramount.

    Google Shopping is a strategy you can utilize to grow your sales with a platform that understands how to make you more money. Put your ad dollars in and as long as you get activity, (views, clicks, purchases), you can get more through built-in optimization mechanisms.

    Students completing this course will have the working knowledge to set up their own Google Shopping feed and have their products appearing in Google quickly. There is no other guided course like this. Students of this course will also get free updates for life.

    I will identify vendors utilizing exciting strategies like my 4 Pronged Approach that I explain in the course to blanket their entire market and appear nearly everywhere (without being too in-your-face).If you've been waiting for someone to hold your hand and walk you through the steps, this is your opportunity.

    The cost of not making sales through Google Shopping is fatal. If you don't do it, your competitors will and your customers will be more inclined to purchase from someone who's appearing on Google.

    So what are you waiting for? With a 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose!


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