2.5 hours







Ashley Pereira

The essential first step in grant writing - practical skills you need to fund your nonprofit

Expected learning & outcomes

  • What a grant is
  • Who gives grants
  • The top free grant research databases
  • How to use grant research databases
  • How to identify potential grant prospects
  • How to save and organize potential grant prospects
  • How to scrutinize prospects to find the best fits

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Organization, Research, Writing

    About this course

    This course is the essential first step in your grant writing process.

    Millions of dollars in grant funding are awarded to nonprofit organizations throughout the country each year. But do you know how to find it? This course will demystify the process of grantseeking by equipping you with practical skills you need to find funding for your nonprofit organization. Learn how to effectively use the best free grant research databases and tools to secure the funding you need to succeed! Using a real client case study as an example throughout this course, hands-on applications are demonstrated to help you develop your own grant research skills to increase the sustainability of your organization. Loaded with helpful tips, expert guidance, and downloadable tools based on nearly a decade of experience in what works in the world of grants.


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