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Raymond Eckstein

Successful leadership through people management skills

Expected learning & outcomes

  • A very effective and highly appreciated people management style for the teams you lead or will lead in the future
  • You can immediately apply what you have learned when you return to your workplace
  • Role models in business
  • How to build trust with your team(s) and others
  • Why stepping out of your comfort zone is a must
  • How to create the circumstances to grow
  • Building great teams
  • The importance of creating a vision
  • The power of volunteering
  • Special section: 12 deadly management mistakes to avoid
  • And much much more

    Skills you will learn

    Concentration, Creativity, English Language, Leadership, Motivation, Organization, Problem Solving

    About this course

    Welcome to the 'Great Leadership Made Easy' course, where you will learn to use the right people management skills to be able to: build trust, build long lasting relationships and build great championship teams.


    Why is it that so many people all around the world complain about their bosses? And why is it that only a very small percentage of (top) managers can truly say that they are highly appreciated and seen as a very effective boss and leader? Many bosses in all levels of management seem to lack the vital skills to be really successful in their role. They struggle big time to lead and to motivate their teams. 

    This will definitely and painfully result in: the best staff members leaving; chaos in the team; losing control completely; losing huge amounts of money; losing customers and losing reputation. And finally,......losing the entire business. 

    THE SOLUTION: 'Great Leadership Made Easy'

    Whatever the reason why leaders and managers struggle, the smart approach is to focus on prevention and on solutions.

    This leadership course is all about prevention and problem solving. It is guaranteed free of theoretical guru bla bla bla, but it is 100% based upon many, many years of practical hands-on experience in middle and top management functions.

    Learn from an expert who believes leaders are there to add massive value and by serving the people they lead. A people management expert who has been standing with his feet in the mud in leading positions for nearly 30 years. An expert who knows what is really going on at the work-floor, because he has been present all the way. A guy who has been building and leading very successful teams and has inspired many others to do so as well. A highly appreciated leader who is coming from a place of love and serving. 

    Raymond wants to highlight and share his strong belief that serving your staff is a strength, despite of what others might say. He knows that making radical positive changes in the world starts with one person: YOU. Inspire others and get inspired yourself!

    so WHY this course?

    Raymond Eckstein believes that the extremely destructive results of bad or poor management skills, which we can see all around the world, are absolutely unacceptable.

    Regardless where in the world people live and work, he believes that every boss deserves to be working with a great team and, at the same time, that everybody deserves to be working with a great boss. Raymond is absolutely convinced nobody needs to be a bad boss either. He believes something needs to be done to change this, by applying a different way of thinking. Positive improvements are created for 80% by psychology and only 20% by mechanics.

    His dream is to make a positive change in the world by building a new generation of managers, who are truly good bosses and the right persons to lead and to inspire others. He is absolutely convinced this can be done. His mission is to reach as many like-minded people as possible, who want to help make this change and who first want to grow themselves, before they can help others to grow as well. 

    Together with you he wants to build a strong community and inspire others to be part of a positive change too. By creating a ripple effect, we can create a better world. 

    So, what are the BENEFITS? 

    for your Company

    • Stress free relationship between teams and all levels of management
    • Full sense of being in control of the day to day business
    • Happy staff members who feel appreciated and highly motivated
    • Higher productivity for significant increased results in growing the business
    • Very loyal employees and vey low staff turnover
    • Being protected from losing huge amounts of money
    • Being protected from losing customers
    • Being protected from losing reputation
    • Being protected from losing the entire business

    for YOU and your TEAM

    • More engaged staff members, working together for a greater goal
    • Less distraction, more focus
    • Self-supporting teams
    • Higher creativity and problem-solving capacities
    • Less stress and more motivation
    • Increased ‘Bring it on’ mentality 
    • More personal growth and better possibilities to move up the ladder


    The way he successfully challenges the status quo is amazingly simple, straight forward and very effective.

    Raymond designed this course for anyone seeking to improve his or her leadership and people management skills. By the end of the course you will be able to recognize and confidently act on all kinds of business situations using the right mind-set. 

    You will already see significant improvements happen within the first week after applying what you have learned.

    Raymond will use a very simple method explaining in easy to understand English language what skills are absolutely vital if you want to lead your team(s) or individuals as a champion and bring out the best in them, under any circumstances. This method is great for accelerated learning. Without using any form of rocket science, Raymond will walk you through his proven management method, step by step.


    In simple English he shares his knowledge, experience and expertise about leadership and people management skills with everybody who wants to become their best possible version as a boss and a leader.


    The ideal students for this course are starting managers or intermediate level managers who want to expand on their current skills to take their career to the next level. This course is for seasoned executives too, who do not get the results they have in mind. There are no complicated requirements necessary to enroll, but you are asked you to come with an open mind and you are asked to be teachable.

    "Thank you so much for your interest. Feel free to take a look through all the course elements. I am looking forward to lead you to success!"


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