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Sandra Giraldo

Learn how to take advantage of the most powerful food group in the most delicious way - "smoothies"

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Choose the right leafy greens for your particular needs
  • Use the best food combinations to power your green smoothies
  • Have the needed knowledge to make the healthiest green smoothies

    Skills you will learn

    Culinary, Food, Recipes, Video

    About this course

    Learn fast, easy and pleasurable ways to add powerful nutrients to your body with green smoothies.

    See how simple it is to create delicious nutrient packed drinks with this course that requires no prior culinary skills.

    Lose Weight

    Achieve Healthier Hair & Skin

    Balance Your Body’s pH Level

    Decrease Inflammation

    Revitalize & Recharge

    Boost Your Nutritional Intake

    Discover How Good Healthy Can Taste

    When you add greens to your diet, you are adding many of the essential nutrients that we don’t normally get. Greens are the missing link in our diet and one of the most nutrient dense food groups on the planet. The fastest and most delicious way to eat them is in smoothies.

    In this course you will learn how to add these powerful healthy additions to your diet, without sacrificing taste.

    Content and Overview

    Suitable for both beginners and more experienced health enthusiasts alike, this course will start by showing you how to quickly prepare six deliciously revitalizing drinks that will help you re-balance your body. Also included, is a 16-page eBook with over 20 additional healthy smoothie recipes.

    Throughout this course, videos will guide you step-by-step in making the following smoothies:

    -Digest Easy


    -Healthy Hair & Skin

    -Weight Loss



    Accompanying each video is a PDF containing the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients.

    And, as a bonus, we have included a video demonstration on how to open a young Thai coconut. Coconuts are one of natures best sources of hydration and healthy fats.


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