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Aravind Selvam

Health Plan Finance and Risk Management practice test helps to understand how they price their health and other topics

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Key accounting principles associated with a health plan’s financial information
  • Types of risks health plans face and approaches they use to manage them.
  • Differences between fully funded and self-funded health plans.
  • Major risks and cost factors associated with the delivery and financing of health-care services under Medicare and Medicaid contracts.
  • Key factors and methods associated with underwriting and rating healthcare benefits
  • Factors health plans consider when developing and pricing healthcare products
  • How to analyze and interpret results of a health plan’s financial statements through the use of financial ratios
  • How to use financial information to develop a health plan’s strategic plan and manage the health plan’s cash and capital effectively.

    Skills you will learn

    Accounting, Accounting Principles, Contracts, Finance, Financial Statements, Pricing, Professional, Risk Management, Underwriting

    About this course

    Health Plan Finance and Risk Management practice test helps how they price their health plan products, pay physicians, hospitals and other providers for healthcare delivery, and manage cash and capital. Also, the methods that they use to compensate providers including capitation and discounted fee-for-service. Covers topics of how the providers face in delivering healthcare and the difference between fully funded and self-funded plans. Health Plan Finance and Risk Management practice test is for professional designation program in managed care


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