1.5 hours







Tharwat Wasfy

Learn how to design, create and publish video lessons for your blog or Online Teaching Business.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Benefits of using video technology in teaching, the different types of video lessons and the skills required for you to be able to develop such work.
  • How to choose a good camera as well as an easy & professional editing software to work with. Also preparing the green screen and the studio lights.
  • How to design your video lessons, recording your classroom, PC screen and green screen.
  • How to edit your videos using adobe premiere & Camtasia studio.
  • Upload and Integrate your video lessons into your blog for teaching.

    Skills you will learn

    Editing, Editing Software, Professional, Publishing, Recording, Teaching, Video

    About this course

    Welcome to 'video technology in Education' course; In this 1.5 hrs course, you will learn you how to learn how to use video lessons for Teaching Online or for developing e-learning courses.

    If you are an educators or a teacher who is passionate about teaching anything to anyone anywhere and at anytime, then this course is the right one for you.

    The course is design in away that takes YOU as a beginner or intermediate in developing video lessons, step by step towards developing your skills in creating, editing and publishing video lessons

    It is designed for beginners in the e-learning field, so No advanced IT skills required. Just be passionate about the subject and you will get there!

    See you soon in the course!


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