2.5 hours







Elevati Video

A Guide on Adoption Search + Reunion

Expected learning & outcomes

use resources available to them to search for their birth family more efficiently.

Skills you will learn

Google+, Media, Social Media, Support, Testing, Video

About this course

Adoption .com has been working for 12 months on a new online video series to empower adoptees and birth parents to find each other and reunite. This series has 16 videos with 2.2 hours of advice from adoption search angels, private investigators, adoptees, a genealogist, an attorney, and a social worker. These expert searchers answer frequently asked questions about adoption search and reunion. The course also includes PDF documents with detailed instructions on how to use the online resources we recommend.

There are no other courses like this anywhere!

Lesson topics:

  1. Using Google & Social Media in Your Adoption Search
  2. DNA Testing for Adoption Search
  3. Using Adoption Reunion Registries
  4. Searching Public Records
  5. Petitioning the Court for Adoption Records
  6. Using People Search Sites
  7. Using Genealogy Sites in an Adoption Search
  8. Contacting the Adoption Agency or Attorney
  9. Obtaining Original Birth Certificate
  10. Using Anecdotal Information in Your Adoption Search
  11. Working with Search Experts
  12. Talking to Adoptive Parents
  13. Initiating Contact with Birth Family or Adopted Child
  14. Adoption Reunion and Relationship Expectations
  15. When Contact is Denied
  16. Finding an Adoption Support System

*We cannot guarantee you will find your birth family or adopted child or that your adoption reunion will be successful.


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