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Expected learning & outcomes

How to locate a suitable job
Why you need a CV and what it's REAL purpose is
How to prepare a CV that has a better than average chance of getting you an invitation
How to answer the questions you will be asked at the interview
How to conduct yourself at the interview-and how to be sure you get a better chance of being considered than other applicants

Skills you will learn

Goal Setting

About this course

This is a short course of only 5 lessons, complete with video lectures and hand-our exercises, to teach you what you need to do to get a job in an English speaking environment.

It will cover:

How to find a job
What the purpose of a CV (resume) is
How to prepare a killer CV
What the questions in a job interview REALLY mean, and how to answer them
What to say and do at the interview, and what to do AFTER the interview to ensure you have a much better chance than other applicants
Basic knowledge
If you have a basic (or better) understanding of English, this course can help you achieve your goals


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