31 mins



Any Level



Unleash The Sales Assassin Within

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How To Pitch Anyone On Anything Like A Sales Assassin With JB
  • A Full MINI Course To The Sales Pitch - Bite Size Digestible Sessions

    Skills you will learn

    Confidence, Pitches

    About this course

    Hey guys, my name is JB and I’ve launched this intensive mini course to give you that immediate confidence and ability to sell from the get go without any BS that you’ll find in other courses.

    Are you completely new to sales and want to stand out above the competition straight away or do you have your own business and you're fed up of getting rubbish results?

    Whatever the reason is, you’re here right now looking at this course – TAKE ACTION.

    My course ‘How To Pitch Anyone On Anything’ will go through the full basics of a sales pitch, the techniques I use, train my staff to use & have coached countless business owners to use, how to handle objections and techniques for this PLUS my bonus section – *State of mind*

    You will also get my cheat sheets you can download and print out to remind you while selling!


    This course isn’t for people who want to spend a couple of dollars and forget about it, this course is for the people who want to make a drastic change in their sales performance and take action.

    I’ll see you in my first lesson.


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