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Natalie Parker

Skills you will learn

Adobe Photoshop, Arts, Illustration, Music, Photoshop, YouTube

About this course

In this class, I will be going over how I personally shade skin using digital mediums. 

We will go from start to finish walking through how to shade skin in a semi-realistic manner, fit for fanart, video games, and front cover illustrations.

I will work with my students to create their own artwork using the tools and techniques I have provided.

Even if you don't personally work in this style, chances are there is something in here for you! 

While I do use Photoshop in this lesson, any digital art software that has pen pressure will work! Adobe even has a free version of Photoshop CS2, so go ahead and check it out!

I have provided the brushes I used in our Class Project. 

Music Credit: Dj Quads

Track Name: "It's Near" Music By: Dj Quads @

Original upload HERE -


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