3 hours







Tribe of Healers

How to Set Up to Wrap Up & Get Results That Last in Your Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to Use a Strategically-Placed Potty Break to Set Up for a Multi-Session Healing Program
  • How to Create a Session Worksheet with All the Key information You Need During a Regression Hypnotherapy Session
  • How to Clearly Identify What to Focus On When the Client Has Multiple Issues
  • How to Decide Where to Begin the Healing Process
  • How to Wrap Up Your Sessions Powerfully Without Needing a Script
  • How to Encourage Integration of Change
  • How to Encourage the Subconscious Mind to Generalize Change
  • How to Quickly Debrief a Client in Just a Few Minutes
  • How to Set Up for the Client's Next Session
  • How to Test Your Results Between Sessions

    Skills you will learn

    Coaching, Concentration, Integration, Reporting, Testing

    About this course

    What if you could use it to set yourself up to be successful facilitating a multi-session hypnotherapy program?  The Potty-Break Protocol is a much-overlooked empowerment process that can help you get more consistent results in your healing sessions with clients.  In just a few minutes you can set yourself up to be successful by setting up before you begin the hypnosis so you can wrap up powerfully after each session. 

    In This Program You Will Learn:

    • How to Set Up and Wrap Up Your Regression Hypnotherapy Sessions

    • How to Create a Session Worksheet You Can Use in Multiple Sessions

    • The 3 Key Pieces of Information You Need in Every Hypnotherapy Session   

    • What to Do When the Client Has More Than One Issue

    • How to Decide Where to Begin the Healing Process   

    • How to Connect All the Dots to Get a Result

    • Techniques for Integrating and Generalizing Change During Hypnosis

    • How to Wrap Up Your Hypnosis Session When There’s Still Work to Be Done   

    • The 3 R’s in the Wrap-Up Review   

    • How to Debrief the Client with a 2-Minute Post-Hypnosis Coaching Session

    • How to Test Your Results to Ensure Real and Lasting Change  

    • Why It’s Important to Keep The Hypnosis Contract Open

    You'll also get this BONUS CONTENT:

    • First Hypnosis System Flowchart

    • Template: Hypnosis Session Worksheet 1

    • Template: Hypnosis Session Worksheet 2

    • Checklist: Laundry List Technique

    • Checklist: The Wrap Up Review

    • Checklist: 3 Important Things Hypnosis Session Debriefing Process

    • PDF Report of Complete Course

    • Bonus Lessons: Preliminary Testing Techniques

    • Bonus Lessons: Is All Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis?

    Get Started Today!  Learn How to Use a Strategically-Placed Potty Break to Set Yourself Up to Get Better Results Guiding Your Clients Through a Regression Hypnotherapy Program.


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