1.5 hours







Mint Academy

Lear about proper time to sleep, wake up and eat. Understand how these habits effect your life and hack your body!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Become twice enthusiastic than usual
  • Find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual happiness
  • Have a lot more energy
  • Find harmony in life
  • Achieve few times more in any activity
  • Control veight much better than before
  • Enhance health and longevity
  • Understand how to harmonize with time energy
  • Understand the rules that influence our life
  • Understand main ajurvedic rules for eating

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    The goal of this seminar is to make our life happy. Settling down to study it, get ready for the most unsuspected changes. Perhaps, it will motivate you to change your attitude towards life, and also toward your family and friends.

    I always wanted to find the knowledge that could answer my questions. For a long time, I, too, thought that only modern science could help me. Yet, one day I got a chance to deeply, and in detail, explore an ancient knowledge that turned out to be very practical. This knowledge is called “Veda". The word “veda” means “knowledge".

    Vedic knowledge did not grow old; it is alive and can be used practically in our time. I see how it works in the life of my students and in my own life.

    In this seminar we will study the law of time, which was described in Vedas over five thousand years ago and also approved by such scholars as Dr. Torsunov. It is much deeper than the laws of government order or, for example, physics. I am talking about the consistent patterns of our existence. Most of them we don’t even know or we faintly understand. There are quite a lot of laws of happy life but the subject of time is one of the key elements.


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