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Eric Patrick, PharmD

Our amazing 5-day course teaches not only about the stock market, but about being a knowledgeable investor as well.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Invest in the stock market comfortably knowing that they possess the knowledge to understand market movement at its core.
  • Watch investment television programs with ease and understanding of investment lingo.
  • Find ways to create crash to invest.

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    This course is taught by The Hip-Hop Stock Doc from Black Market Exchange, LLC. Dr. Eric Patrick, PharmD is an active investor and trader and is on a mission to make investing look cool. Not only can it make you money, but it can also be fun at the same time. Dr. Patrick blends stock market education with modern day media to make information "stick" in the heads of aspiring investors and millennials. Take his course today and find out how to find money to invest and actually invest in FIVE DAYS!

    Disclosure: This course is meant to be taken in 5 days to 1) prevent information overload, and 2) provide ample time to digest and dissect the information to receive maximum benefit.


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