19 hours







Michael Neatu

From Zero To Advanced In Sketching Interior Design (Pencil And Liner)

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Fundamentals of box perspectives and shadows so we can jump into sketching interiors really fast
  • Fundamentals of one point constructed perspective so you understand the theory behind drawing interiors
  • How to sketch four different kitchen interiors with mixed media
  • How to sketch detailed objects that you can use for entourage in kitchen perspectives
  • Sketch lighting fixtures and chairs for dining area entourage
  • How to sketch two different bathroom layouts
  • How to sketch detailed living room perspectives and styles
  • Learn multiple lamp, chair and coffee table models for living room design
  • Learn sofa and chair designs for living room
  • Draw and design a master bedroom
  • Draw and design shelving and vase examples as entourage for all your drawings
  • Draw and design a children’s bedroom
  • Floor Plan layouts for three different apartments sketched at 1:50 scale

    Skills you will learn

    Drawing, Illustration, Lighting, Media, Sketch

    About this course

    Time to learn how to sketch interior design. 

    If you are an interior designer, not being able to sketch your ideas has been the sticking point that gave you sleepless nights and filled you with anxiety...

    So it’s time to get your interior design sketching skill sorted once and for all!

    In this installment of ‘sketch interior design’ we will tackle black and white, pencil sketches - here you will grow your skills in understanding how to basically draw anything on interior design.
    You will go from zero to Advanced in sketching with 2B pencil and ballpoint pen and you will learn many new entourage examples for your final design ideas.

    Drawing tools you need: 2B pencil + A4 paper.

    How you will change after finishing this course:

    • Be able to sketch and draw anything related to interior design
    • Build up a visual culture so you can generate ideas for designs and furniture examples on the spot
    • Sketch your ideas in front of clients and make them look good from the first go


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