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Rakesh M

Implement OSPF in Juniper Router

Expected learning & outcomes

Implementing OSPF in Juniper Routers

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About this course

-> Describe ospf implementation in Juniper Routers
-> Describe Area0 and 'B' bit and ABR description
-> Explain Virtual-Links and how they are implemented
-> Explain various BITS in OSPF Header
-> Explain OSPF Authentication
-> Explain OSPF Path Selection process
-> Explain STUB,T-STUB and NSSA Areas
-> Explain OSPF Summarisation
-> Explain Overload bit in OSPF

This is purely done keeping one thing in mind as i have re-iterated earlier, the goal of this course is to make it as practical as possible along with exploring the user-friendly options where students who enrol for this course can take a better advantage by setting up their own systems without worrying about hardware. I have also made sure that this entire course can run on a single VMX Instance of Junos which consume a 2GB ram and 2vcpu 

I hope you enjoy this course as much as I did developing it.


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